World Spine Day! in Wilsonville

World Spine Day in Wilsonville

Chiropractic Wilsonville OR World Spine Day

Your wellness team at West Chiropractic and Wellness in Wilsonville has your health in our best interest, especially when it comes to spinal health. The spine acts as our main support piece for our daily needed mobility and also as a protective cage for our body’s information superhighway aka our spinal cord. October is a special month for spinal health because October 16th is World Spine Day.

The Importance of World Spine Day in Wilsonville

World Spine Day has been an annual world collaboration since 2008. The World Federation of Chiropractic have been raising awareness to prevent spinal conditions with noninvasive chiropractic care. The event was created to bring awareness to the increasing prevalence of back pain and other spinal conditions in underserved populations. Populations in underserved areas of the world typically have low access to traditional healthcare and even lower access to alternative care like chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage. There is an estimated 1 billion people in the world ( suffering from back pain in all age categories from pediatric to geriatric. Prevention is the main overall goal to prevent reduce the time living with a potential spinal disability.

This year’s theme is Back2Back which is focusing on the potential avoidance of physical activity and movement can lead to spinal discomfort. There are also other factors in increasing healthy habits like diet and stopping smoking. The spine is made to be in loaded positions, and it enjoys bearing weight. It is made to move and the idea of Back2Back is bring our backs back to action and getting the area moving. Go out and celebrate reactivating our spines for another day by going for a walk/run, moving some weights, or just simply stretch a bit more than yesterday. A lot of the pain-based spinal conditions can be eased by adding in light easy movements. For any other spinal complaints or issues schedule in and our team can do a full checkup to get you moving better.

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