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Why Chiropractic?

Why Chiropractic?

Life is Motion & Motion is Life.

As we age, we commonly find that our spines begin to lose motion.


Think about it.  Accidents, injuries, repetitive motions, chronic stress, poor posture, stress, poor diet… and the list goes on.

Somewhere along the way, these injuries or “micro-injuries” cause us to lose motion in our spinal column and other body joints.  When this happens, the aging process begins. 

It has been discovered that when joints lose proper mechanical motion, several things can happen.  

First off, your joint begins to swell.  In many cases, the swelling is contained, and may or may not cause pain at this point.  This swelling results in improper joint motion.  Depending on the nature of the injury, the joint structure may or may not be able to correctly heal.  If the joint is unable to heal back to its proper position, it will continue to display aberrant motion, and the joint will eventually start to harden.  In this “hardening” phase, the body will start to lay down calcific deposits along the outer aspects of the joint.  This can include ligaments, muscles, tendons, the vertebral disc, etc.  This hardening, is what we will eventually label and diagnosis as “osteoarthritis (internal link to osteoarthritis page under conditions section)”

This is why motion is so incredibly important!  

This is also why your Doctor of Chiropractic will guide you from passive care to active care.  Passive care consists of addressing and treating improperly moving joints as well as other associated tissues.  This usually consists of adjustments as well as light stretching and exercise, massage, and/or several other treatment modalities that will be determined by your Doctor. 

Active care includes focused rehabilitative exercise and stretching, yoga, or even phasing you back into your exercise of choice – provided your Doctor has given you the green light to begin doing so!  

You can read more about the passive and active phase of care in our What to Expect section.