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New Patient Center

Welcome to West Chiropractic & Wellness!

From the moment you arrive at West Chiropractic & Wellness, you’ll notice the friendly feel of our modern, rustic office. You may even forget you are in a Doctor’s office. We like to think our waiting area feels like the living room of our house — warm and inviting. We’re happy you’re here!

Children are always welcome, and we’ve created a special environment that puts them at ease. Many children look forward to their chiropractic visits.

Your First Visit

It’s important to understand that you may not be adjusted at your first visit. The first time you’re with us, we want to get to know you and truly understand all your concerns. We’ll take a thorough history, conduct your exam, and possibly take X-rays as well. Our goal is to determine whether chiropractic is a good fit for you and to get as much information as possible about what’s causing your discomfort. By doing so, we can help you heal in the shortest amount of time.

You should expect to spend approximately 60 minutes with us for your first visit. And, if we don’t believe we’ll be a good fit, we will happily refer you to a provider we think may be better suited for you.

Reception area

Your Second Visit

During this visit, we’ll review with you our report of findings and your X-rays. We’ll talk about what may be the cause of the symptoms you’re experiencing and exactly how we recommend addressing the problem. Unless additional study is required, you’ll receive your first adjustment. Typically, this visit will last approximately 20 to 30 minutes.