Order Supplements in Wilsonville

Step 1:
Go To Order Supplements

Step 2:
Type in the appropriate code given to you by your provider into the field
that says “Health Care Proffessional’s Patient Direct Code”.

Step 3:
Fill out all of your Personal information including Name, email address, phone number, and physical address. Each information field requires you to enter your information before you can move forword..

Step 4:
Scroll through both the terms of Agreement and the Privacy Policy and check the “I agree to comply” box at the bottom,

Step 5:
At the very bottom of this page will be a box that says “Enter Security”
Code” and all you have to do is enter the unique code that’s right next to it. Then click Register and we’ll be notified that your approval is pending!

Step 6:
As soon as we approve your request on our end you will be notified via a confirmation email and you’ll be able to use your Patient Direct account to order and ship directly to your home!


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