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Healthy Snacks for Traveling!

Healthy Snacks for Traveling!

by | Jul 16, 2021 | new blog | 0 comments

Healthy eating on the go is typically pretty tough. At gas stations and airport food stalls, are not the best health-conscious options especially for a cheaper price. In recent years more places are trying to add in healthy items, but one has to be on more of a look out for those items. The healthy items also are often a bit pricy. Stress eating can lead to an increased inflammation state which can trigger pain and discomfort in the body especially if sprinkled with travel-based stress.

A healthy and cost-effective tip is to pack ahead and bring food with you. This is an easier task if in a car, bus, or train since there are no specific rules. If flying, TSA actually allows food to be carried on if sealed or in some sort of container. They are a bit more strict with liquids, but now most major airports have water fill stations to fill a water bottle.

Here is the TSA link showing the rules on all specific food items; https://www.tsa.gov/travel/security-screening/whatcanibring/food. If you do enjoy some McDonalds or something similar on the road like I do just remember to add in some healthy options later to achieve an overall balance of the vitamins and micronutrients our bodies need.

If you are struggling to figure out healthy snacks, visit Natasha’s Kitchen, for great and tasty options! West Chiropractic & Wellness


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