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Gonstead Chiropractic

The Gonstead Technique. Getting to the Core of the Problem.

Adjustment on female patientUntil now, you may have thought that all chiropractors “do the same thing” and “adjust the same way.” This isn’t so!

Dr. Alyssa Kurth is expertly trained in the Gonstead Technique

The Gonstead Technique involves an in-depth analysis of your spine and nervous system with the use of modern neural thermogenic scanners and X-Rays when appropriate. Neural thermogenic scanners allow Dr. Kurth to precisely locate areas of spinal nerve root interference. This information combined with the help of X-Rays and orthopedic tests allows her to determine the most gentle yet effective care plan and treatment protocol for each individual.

Your nervous system contains very delicate material and controls every function in your body. It is the only organ in your entire body that needs a “house” or spinal column to protect it. This is why we adjust the spinal column in order to have an impact on the nervous system. By performing gentle adjustments to your spine, we release nerve root impingements and this allows your nervous system and therefore body to operate normally.

The deliberate specificity of the Gonstead technique means that you will see positive, long-lasting results with fewer visits to our office. It also means that adjustments are gentle enough for even our youngest practice members.

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