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As you progress

through your care plan it is important to add in stabilization and mobility exercises. It is through these rehabilitative appointments that your body will develop a new “muscle memory” pattern. This new memory will help you hold your adjustments longer, and even prevent future injury! Your Doctor will alert you when you are ready for this form of therapy.
Rehabilitative visits are scheduled for 30 minutes.
Please wear anything of your choosing that is comfortable, not restrictive, and allows you to easily move!
These are available to you online, from the WebExercise app, or through our Movement Therapy portal. While you are performing your exercises at home, you can communicate any questions or issues that arise via the WebExercise platform. You may also ask your Doctor questions at future follow-up visits. The typical time frame for a home exercise program is set for 2 weeks, and you will continue to progress to more advanced exercises as you improve!
At your first rehab session, you will start by going through range of motion and functional capacity tests to ensure that you will be capable of performing the required exercises. We will then demonstrate and work through several prescribed exercises and stretches to ensure that you feel safe and confident performing them at home. After this appointment you will receive a WebExercises link via email that has videos, images, and rep schemes that you reviewed with your provider.