At Your Adjustment

Your Doctors at West Chiropractic & Wellness are expertly trained to give you the care you deserve. If you are looking for precision and specificity (internal link to Gonstead page) – you are at the right place!

After a thorough examination and Report of Findings with your Doctor, adjustments will be made with your consent.

At each scheduled visit, both before and after your adjustment, your Doctor will use a thermal imaging device to precisely locate which of your spinal joints is swollen. This device allows your Doctor to determine if you are progressing through care at follow-up visits. It is important to remember that nerve, muscle, and joint-related issues in many cases refer pain to other locations within the body. Isolating the swollen joints involved in the causation of your discomfort is extremely important in determining the nature of and/or cause of your distress.
From here, your Doctor will palpate and isolate the subluxated joints to assess their range of motion alongside any additional images taken. Additional examination will be performed on an as needed basis. These tools allow your Doctor to determine the best mode of treatment to correct the joint misalignment.
To describe this another way, your Doctor is looking for joints that are “stuck” or not moving correctly. Joints that aren’t moving correctly, called subluxations, can compromise not only the health and integrity of the surrounding joint structure, but also your nervous system! If a nerve is impacted or affected, pain can radiate from this joint structure to a distal site (i.e. – sciatica, which is a problem originating in the low back that can send pain signals all the way down to your foot). Pain referral can be confusing leading one to think that they may have a foot problem instead of a low back issue. This is simply another reason why it is important to have your spine checked by a professional!
At West Chiropractic & Wellness, we expect progress. If you are progressing, your Doctor will continue to follow your care plan as described to you at your second visit. In the case that a patient does not progress, an outside referral will be made in a timely manner.