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About Us

West Chiropractic lobbyDr. Alyssa Kurth DC opened West Chiropractic & Wellness in 2014 to bring better lifelong health to practice members in Wilsonville and Lake Oswego, West Linn, one family at a time.

West Chiropractic focuses on providing chiropractic adjustments rather than offering a wide variety of services because we strongly believe in the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Our passion is providing family and wellness care to practice members of all ages, though we especially like caring for children and expectant mothers.”

It’s our desire to help bring up a healthier generation of kids than the one before. By affecting the next generation of children and their parents, we believe we can make a permanent shift toward healthier communities in the future.

Is Chiropractic Right for Me?

Chiropractic allows you to adapt to your internal and external environments at 100 percent. That’s not to say you’ll always be pain-free or feel fantastic, but you’ll be able to handle every situation knowing you are at your absolute best.

We live our lives through our nervous systems. Everything you feel, smell, taste and touch comes by way of your nervous system.



What Sets Us Apart?

Dr. Alyssa Kurth DC graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. At Palmer, she gained expertise in the Gonstead Technique, which relies on a thorough analysis of a patient’s condition to deliver intensive, specifically targeted treatments. This approach often requires fewer office visits and shortens the time required for healing. Dr. Alyssa Kurth participated in a prestigious internship program to further develop their technique.

We use nerve scans as part of our analysis of each patient’s condition. These scans identify inflamed and swollen tissues, helping to pinpoint areas that need attention. This technology is especially important to our pediatric and maternity populations for whom X-ray technology cannot be used. In our young practice members, the nerve scan also provides information about symptoms that the child might not be able to verbalize or adequately describe.

At West Chiropractic & Wellness, many of our practice members come to us with goals they’ve been unable to achieve or questions to which they’ve been unable to find answers. It is truly fulfilling to be able to help our practice members attain a level of health they never imagined to be possible.

If you’d like a better experience, contact our office today! We can often accommodate same-day appointment requests.


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