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Chiropractor in Wilsonville OR for a Healthy Future

Welcoming You to Our Wilsonville Practice

Welcome to West Chiropractic & Wellness

The modern, rustic office at West Chiropractic & Wellness is a warm and inviting place where we hope you and your family will feel at home. We strive to be a place where both children and adults can feel comfortable and look forward to their visits.

Parents, don’t feel like your child will be disruptive to other guests. We welcome children and there are plenty of fun things for your kids to do while they wait.


Optimize Your Well-Being at West Chiropractic & Wellness

New Patient buttonAt West Chiropractic & Wellness, Wilsonville chiropractor Dr. Alyssa Kurth DC understands that raising healthy kids is our best hope for creating a healthy future in our community. Teaching children to make wholesome choices from a young age on ensures that good habits become routine and last a lifetime.

Early in her career, Dr. Alyssa Kurth realized that teaching kids healthy habits right from the start is easier and more effective than trying to change someone who is set in their ways.

Whether you are looking for conventional care or something in between, we can help. We seek to understand and support your current health care needs as well as your long-term health goals, all the while providing a supportive approach and compassionate partnership to help you achieve optimal wellness.

Getting to the Core of the Problem

Our provider is an expert in the Gonstead Technique, which involves in-depth analysis of information about your condition, allowing us to treat the cause of your problem, not just its symptoms. The deliberate specificity of this technique means you see positive, long-lasting results with fewer visits to our office. It also means adjustments are gentle enough for even our youngest practice members.

We hope you’ll join us to learn more about chiropractic and our approach to creating a healthy community, one patient at a time. We look forward to seeing you! Contact us today for an appointment.