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Until now, you may have thought that all chiropractors “do the same thing” and “adjust the same way.” This isn’t so!
Experience the difference at West Chiropractic & Wellness with the Gonstead method 

The Gonstead method involves an in-depth analysis of your spine and nervous system with the use of modern neural thermogenic scanners and X-Rays when appropriate. Neural thermogenic scanners allow your Doctor to precisely locate areas of spinal nerve root interference (link to Chiropractic explained – internal page). This information combined with other physical testing protocols, allows your Doctor to determine if your problem is neurological, muscular, an intervertebral disc issue, or due to other internal factors. These factors will determine your treatment plan.

The deliberate specificity of the Gonstead method means that you will receive gentle, yet effective adjustments and see positive, long-lasting results.

Personalized Treatment

You will receive 
individualized treatment

Comfortable Clinic

Our clinic is designed to feel like home

Licensed Therapists

Your treatment will be performed
by only licensed therapists

About Us

At West Chiropractic & Wellness, we are pushing the limits of physical medicine.  

Utilizing the most recent evidence-based research in both chiropractic and rehabilitative medicine, we deliver comprehensive full-body care, to treat you like the individual that you are.   

Let’s get YOU back to feeling like YOU!

Get Your Life Style Back

If back or joint pain is preventing you from living your best life, then you’ve come to the right place.  At West Chiropractic & Wellness, we understand what you’re going through.  It is therefore our primary goal to understand what YOUR goals are, so that we can help you achieve them!  Whether that is being able to play with your kids, wake up with less discomfort, or just living your best life – we’ve got your back! 

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